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Nestled in the heart of Orange County, Crestavilla offers more than just a place to live; it’s a vibrant community where residents like John Meihaus, Jr. thrive. With a zest for life, a passion for creativity, and an unwavering commitment to community, John’s story sheds light on the warmth that defines life at Crestavilla.

Although originally from Indianapolis, the allure of the West Coast’s beaches and sunny skies captured his heart. California became his home, and he found himself rooted in its culture and vibrancy. Through the years, John embraced the water skiing adventures in Newport Beach and relished the close-knit bonds of his large family.

As the oldest of eight siblings, John’s upbringing was marked by a close family connection. His time with his parents and siblings remains a cherished memory, especially their water-skiing adventures. These experiences created bonds that extended to his own family – a loving wife, five children, and five grandchildren. His family’s presence has always been central to his life, and his deep connection to them continues to flourish.

John’s professional journey led him through the corridors of the medical field, where he excelled as a clinical operating room educator. His career path took him to renowned corporations in Southern California, including Baxter. His work was more than a job; it was a passion that invigorated him. And this habit of blooming and growing carried over into his lifelong pursuit of personal enrichment and development.

Senior man blowing bubbles

About a year ago, John embarked on a new chapter of his life by moving to Crestavilla. Encouraged by his second-oldest son, Brian, John found a thriving community that aligned perfectly with his values. Crestavilla’s welcoming environment, rich array of activities, and engaging residents captivated John, allowing him to thrive and grow within his new home. He quickly became a pillar of the community, embracing creative endeavors and connecting with fellow residents.

One of the standout features of John’s Crestavilla journey is his passion for bubbles. Recognizing the power of laughter and community, John introduced bubbles to the community’s happy hours. The simple act of creating bubbles has become a symbol of joy, camaraderie, and the importance of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. John’s willingness to share his passion underscores the culture of care and inclusivity that Crestavilla fosters.

John Meihaus Jr.’s journey to Crestavilla is a testament to the enriching and fulfilling life that this vibrant community offers. Through his stories, we glimpse into a world of creativity, lifelong learning, and a genuine sense of belonging. Crestavilla’s welcoming embrace and dynamic opportunities have enabled John and countless others to bloom and grow, embracing each day with laughter, connection, and the pursuit of lifelong passions.

John Meihaus Jr.’s story reflects the heart and soul of Crestavilla, a place where residents come together to create a symphony of enrichment, connection, and joy. Through his experiences, we see that Crestavilla is more than just a residence; it’s a vibrant community that celebrates life’s diverse facets and encourages everyone to contribute their unique talents and passions. As Crestavilla continues to foster an environment of warmth, growth, and togetherness, John’s journey stands as a testament to the vitality and boundless possibilities that define life within its walls.  To learn more about the residents and what they love about Crestavilla, schedule your personal tour.