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Life has an intriguing way of bringing people from different corners of the world to a common place. Joan Tucker is a perfect example of this as an East Coast native who embarked on a journey to California, or more specifically, the beautiful community of Crestavilla in Laguna Niguel. With a rich professional history and diverse hobbies, Joan is at Crestavilla to explore new horizons and make the most of her time in sunny California.

Joan began her professional journey as an English teacher, initially educating high school students and later transitioning to a college setting. The satisfaction of shaping young minds was a huge element that attracted her to teaching.

However, life took an interesting turn, and Joan found herself in the world of finance. She worked as a financial advisor at two renowned institutions, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Her experiences were marked by the excitement of meeting a diverse clientele and engaging in the dynamic world of financial advising. Joan thrived on the social aspects of her work, forging connections and learning from her every interaction with her clients.

Joan’s decision to move to Crestavilla was driven by the desire to be closer to her son, Adam, who had made California his home. After a little over two months as a resident of Crestavilla, Joan is already feeling at home in this vibrant community.

Coming from so far away, Joan found herself without the convenience of her own car for transportation beyond the community. Crestavilla has gone the extra mile to guarantee organized transportation, not only for Joan but also for fellow residents facing similar circumstances, ensuring access to any destination in Laguna Niguel.

Woman sitting with dog

Crestavilla provides a wealth of activities and amenities that align perfectly with Joan’s many hobbies and interests. She is eager to rekindle her love for the piano, a skill that has been close to her heart for years. Joan’s passions also include reading, art, and photography, which are just a few of the activities Crestavilla has to offer. Beyond her personal interests, she is eager to form connections with her fellow community members and discover ways to stay actively involved, reminiscent of her past professional experiences.

A move across the country is undoubtedly a significant change, and Joan didn’t make it alone. She brought along a faithful companion, her eight-year-old dog Max, who has become a charming addition to the Crestavilla community. Max has not only brought joy to Joan’s life but has also been busy making friends with the other dogs at Crestavilla and in the neighborhood. Max’s friendly, gentle, and obedient nature consistently brings smiles to other residents’ faces and he has proven to be Joan’s unwavering and beloved friend.

Joan’s journey to Crestavilla was a harmonious fusion of her diverse passions and the warm, welcoming embrace of not only the idyllic southern California weather, but a truly thriving community. Crestavilla has provided the perfect backdrop for Joan’s vibrant and active lifestyle. With her furry friend Max by her side, she is thrilled to call Crestavilla home and eager to explore the opportunities that lie within her new home’s walls. To learn more about the Crestavilla lifestyle and its residents, schedule your personal tour!