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Resident Celeste Lewis is a testament to the exceptional quality of Crestavilla, a senior living community she now calls home. Lewis has found Crestavilla to be unparalleled in every aspect. In her own words, she states, “This one is far and above any place that I’ve been. I think they do a super job, and I’m really happy that I’m here.”

Having raised seven children, welcomed 18 grandchildren, and delighted in the presence of six great-grandchildren, Lewis fills her days at Crestavilla with activities that bring her joy. She takes leisurely walks around the well-manicured grounds, participates in invigorating classes, and indulges in movies screened at the community’s theater. With an abundance of options available, Lewis relishes the opportunity to engage in activities such as happy hours, book club discussions, art classes, flower arranging, exercise sessions, and even a glee club. As a lifelong learner, Lewis values the intellectual and social stimulation provided by Crestavilla.

Her career as a nurse holds a special place in Lewis’s heart, particularly the time she spent working with renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson at Johns Hopkins University. Even in her retirement, she remains passionate about staying intellectually and socially involved. Lewis expresses her contentment, saying, “I love talking to people, working with people. So, this is a great place.”

resident laughing outside

Crestavilla’s community comprises individuals who share Lewis’s passion for learning and intellectual curiosity. She is thrilled to be surrounded by fellow residents who are college graduates and professionals from various fields, including doctors, teachers, lawyers, military personnel, and even CIA agents. Lewis enjoys engaging in conversations with her peers, relishing the opportunity to learn about their diverse careers and experiences. The community’s wealth of knowledge fosters a stimulating environment where residents can continuously expand their horizons.

Aside from the vibrant social and intellectual atmosphere, Lewis also appreciates the peace of mind that comes with residing at Crestavilla. Knowing that all her needs are attended to, she finds comfort in the fact that her children can breathe easier, knowing she is safe and well cared for. Lewis acknowledges, “It takes stress off my kids because they know I’m safe, they know I’m taken care of. I know it makes them feel secure that I’m where I am.”

Celeste Lewis’s experience at Crestavilla speaks volumes about the exceptional quality of this senior living community. With a multitude of engaging activities, intellectually stimulating conversations, and a seamless lifestyle, Crestavilla has become a place where Lewis can thrive. As she cherishes the friendships she has made and enjoys the vibrant community, she also finds solace in knowing that her children have peace of mind. Crestavilla has truly become a place where Lewis can embrace her passions, continue to learn, and bask in the fulfilling experiences of her golden years. To learn more about the residents and what they love about Crestavilla, schedule your personal tour.