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Pat Wenger spent much of her adult life traveling the world as the wife of a Navy pilot. Because of his career, the family moved often, which gave them the chance to experience life in many parts of the country. Laguna Niguel, with its mild climate and proximity to the ocean, proved to be the family’s favorite — especially for her three sons, whose life revolved around the beach.

“We liked the community; it was small enough to wrap your arms around everything, but it offered everything we needed. It was a happy time for our family,” says Wenger, who earned a master’s degree from Pepperdine University after her sons went off to college.

After running a successful therapy practice in Newport Beach and, later, in Texas, Wenger is back in pictur­esque Laguna Niguel, enjoying her retirement years at Crestavilla, a sig­nature Kisco Senior Living communi­ty renowned for its five-star services and amenities.

When asking Wenger why she chose Crestavilla, she told us, “I think it was the beauty of the façade — everything about it was pleasing. It felt cozy,” Wenger ex­plains. “You walk into this gorgeous place with a fireplace and comfort­able seating and people reading the newspaper. It felt good.”

At first, Wenger says, she wondered if senior living was for her. But, after taking a tour and talking to the ex­perts on staff, Wenger says she knew Crestavilla was the perfect fit. “It meets everything I could have wanted or asked for,” she says, en­thusing about the natural beauty of the surrounding area when viewed from the 12,000-square-foot rooftop terrace. “They do such a fabulous job here with the decorations, plus fresh flowers everywhere.”

Wenger enjoys attending the daily ex­ercise classes offered in Crestavilla’s world-class gym, along with playing bridge and bingo and learning to paint and make jewelry —all perfect opportunities to create new friend­ships. She lauds the entertainment (and admits to being “enthralled” by an opera singer during her first visit), twice-weekly happy hours, an in-house theater showing three different movies each day, and the “phenom­enal” cuisine created by Executive Chef Bert Agor, who makes it his mission to delight residents with his innovative dishes. She also appreciates the weekly housekeeping, valet services and on-site medical staff that make life at Crestavilla seamless and stress-free. “You just mention a need and you’ve got it,” she says.

The most important benefit of living at Crestavilla to Wenger, is the friendships she has formed from this community. “I love people,” Wenger says. “I love to dig into their minds. I like to know who they are and how they are, so that’s been rich for me. It suits me.”

Wenger is fortunate to have a life­long friend she met in graduate school, Marilyn, living at Crestavilla. And she’s made many more friends, including people who were authors, service members, attorneys, doctors and even firemen. “The world of friends has really opened up. There are so many inter­esting people here from such varied backgrounds, and I love talking to them to open my eyes to what life was like for them,” she says.

There’s something for everybody at Crestavilla, Wenger enthuses. She recounts many an evening when their four-top in the dining room becomes crowded with six or seven people, all laughing and conversing. “We’re so excited to see them,” she says. “It’s like dorm life in your eight­ies. But it’s much better.”

Wenger shares her spacious apart­ment with her two fluffy white Mal­tese: Sir Bentley and Tory, who also have acclimated well to Crestavilla, and occasionally can be seen “sneak­ing” into an associate’s office for a well-deserved treat. The trio’s thrice-daily visits to a near­by dog park have proved fruitful for meeting new friends, as well. “They see a dog, and they talk to the dog, and then their owners talk to you,” she says. “And pretty soon, you’ve got a buddy.”

 Life at Crestavilla is tailored to everyone’s specific needs. We understand that what brings passion and purpose to one’s life, varies depending on the person. If this story has inspired you to check out Crestavilla, please call (949) 539-0297 or contact us here.