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Frank Sato is just one of many inspiring residents living in Crestavilla, a Kisco Signature senior living community nestled in the serene neighborhood of Laguna Niguel. Sato has experienced a life punctuated by fascinating stories that have shaped him into the engaging individual he is today. The youngest of six children, Sato grew up in Washington state on a farm. Sadly, his childhood was tragically interrupted when he and his family were held for three years in an internment camp in Idaho during World War II. Sato not only survived that awful experience, but he persevered and went on to live an incredible life defined by love and success.  

In marriage Sato found happiness with his wife of 69 years, June, with whom he had five children. His successful marriage was complemented by an equally successful career. Sato worked for not just one but two former presidents – first as Inspector General for the Department of Transportation for President Jimmy Carter, and then as  Inspector General for the Department of Veteran Affairs for President Ronald Reagan. After a long and illustrious career working in two White House administrations, Sato now finds himself living a fulfilled life at Crestavilla where he spends his days doing what he loves – caring for his bountiful garden.  

Sato has cultivated his garden for everyone in the community to enjoy, and it’s an amazing display of stunning orchids and decadently tasty tomatoes. His love for gardening is evident in the way he describes the delight he derives from growing plants and vegetables. “I love to see things flourish. There’s something special about witnessing plants grow that gives you an accomplished feeling,” stated Sato. From delicious tomatoes showcased in the Crestavilla kitchen, to flourishing orchids blooming to perfection throughout the community, Sato’s gardening is a labor of love. His passion for gardening is fully supported by Crestavilla’s many amenities, like the community’s organic greenhouse. Here Sato tends to his plants and vegetables, which have become fan favorites in the community. 

In addition to gardening and tending to his precious plants, Sato enjoys taking advantage of the many other interests and activities Crestavilla has to offer. “You have opportunities for whatever your interest is, whether it’s card games, physical activity or fitness programs,” said Sato. Sato regularly visits the fitness center where he takes advantage of much of the equipment offered to keep himself in shape and able to stay on the move.  

When asked what made him decide on this community he replied, “The way my son put it is, ‘Dad, you’ve traveled all over the place when working, and you always stayed at the top hotels. This is like a top-notch hotel, and you’ll like it.’ And he was absolutely right.” 

Serving two presidents exposed Sato to exceptional dining experiences courtesy of the White House culinary staff. “I told Michael, the general manager at Crestavilla, when I first moved here that this is the closest service to what I experienced at the White House. The dining experience here is wonderful,” he noted.  

There is much about Crestavilla that Sato appreciates, but for him one of the most important things that it offers is its strong sense of community. He said his need for social engagement and interaction is aptly fulfilled by the plentiful activities delivered by a caring staff. “You need social interaction, and the beauty of it here is that through all the social opportunities, you can learn about experiences others have had and discover some very interesting stories,” said Sato.   

An inspiring and robust spirit of community, an array of five-star amenities and a signature culinary program are some of the few things that make Crestavilla feel like home to residents like Frank Sato.  If you are interested in learning more about Crestavilla, call (949) 539-0297 or click here to schedule a tour and lunch.