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In the heart of Laguna Nigel, Crestavilla boasts a beautiful senior living community that focuses on enriching the lives of its residents. At the helm of this wellness-driven haven is Francis Cruz, the Wellness Director.

Francis Cruz’s journey to becoming the Wellness Director at Crestavilla is a fascinating journey. He started in the world of musical theater during high school, transitioned into the fashion industry for nearly eight years, and even found himself performing on Broadway. After exploring various fields, he returned to music and eventually landed in the hospitality sector. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for working with seniors, finding joy in sharing their life experiences.

Crestavilla has positioned itself at a unique crossroads of senior living, catering to both the greatest generation and the baby boomers. Cruz emphasizes the importance of embracing technology in senior living, with many residents eager to learn about computers, streaming, and other modern advancements. The community leverages its diverse team, comprising members from different generations, to bridge the generation gap and cater to the residents’ evolving needs.

Francis Cruz leads a team of five individuals, including himself, responsible for wellness in assisted living and memory care. Collaboration among team members is a key driver of success at Crestavilla. The intergenerational mix within the team ensures that every resident’s questions and needs are met effectively. It’s this collective effort that allows Crestavilla to provide a vibrant living experience for its residents.

Crestavilla’s unique combination of assisted living and memory care on one campus offers numerous benefits. Residents can start their journey in assisted living and seamlessly transition to memory care when needed. This continuity provides a sense of security and familiarity that residents cherish. Moreover, the mingling of individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions creates a dynamic environment that enriches everyone’s lives.

Kisco Confidence is a guiding principle at Crestavilla, focusing on instilling confidence in both residents and team members. It enables team members to understand each resident’s unique needs and aspirations, fostering a sense of home and support. This approach empowers residents to explore new opportunities, rekindle old passions, and embrace their individuality.

Another one of Kisco’s core tenets is the “Art of Living Well.” Francis Cruz, who identifies as an artist himself, believes that life itself is a work of art. He encourages residents to tap into their creativity, using their life experiences as the palette for their art. Through various activities and engagement, Crestavilla helps residents rediscover their passions and create their own unique masterpieces.

For those residents who might be unsure about delving into new creative pursuits, Crestavilla takes a thoughtful approach. They reach back to residents’ past interests and experiences, rekindling the spark that once ignited their passions. This process allows individuals to reconnect with their inner artist and experience the joy of self-expression.

Francis Cruz’s leadership at Crestavilla encapsulates the essence of wellness and the art of living. Under his guidance, Crestavilla offers an exceptional experience, where residents are encouraged to explore their creativity, form meaningful connections, and live life to the fullest. The community’s commitment to personalized care, intergenerational teamwork, and Kisco Confidence ensures that every resident’s golden years are truly golden at Crestavilla. To meet the associates that make Crestavilla a home, come tour our community.