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Crestavilla is beyond honored to have Ann Ruscoe in their corner. Ann goes above and beyond to make sure each and every resident is pursuing their best lives within the walls of Crestavilla. Transitioning to a new community can be an intimidating experience, but Ann’s dedication ensures that this transition is a starting point for them to grow and pursue their passions and dreams.  

Ann likes to greet every new resident with a heartfelt hug as they step into Crestavilla. She takes the time to introduce them to fellow residents and staff while strolling through the hallways. Her ears and heart are always open to the stories that residents have to tell. Ann firmly believes that one of the essential roles of a wellness assistant is simply to sit and listen. By doing so, she can uncover the individual needs of each resident and identify what their families would find valuable for their loved ones. This approach allows Ann to piece together the puzzle and connect residents with similar interests, fostering a sense of community within Crestavilla.  

Within her year and a half of working at Crestavilla, Ann has harnessed the power of Kisco’s “Art of Living Well” campaign to enhance the residents’ quality of life and promote independent living. To achieve this, she organized a painting excursion named “Paint and Sip” to Dana Point. During this outing, residents brought art supplies and lunches and enjoyed painting sessions while overlooking the serene ocean and breakwaters. Ann observed with delight as residents added their personal touches, including sailboats and trees, to their artworks, making the experience even more special.  

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Ann views the residents at Crestavilla as an extension of her own family. This connection holds a deep, personal significance for her. Her journey in the senior living industry began at a young age. This encouraged her to approach her role with the same level of care and attention that she would desire for her own parents. Ann sets the bar high, aiming for the utmost quality in the care she provides, mirroring the standards she’d expect for her loved ones. By fostering strong relationships built on trust, she creates an environment that resembles the kind of trust many adults would desire for their own parents. Ann’s confidence in Crestavilla’s welcoming atmosphere is so strong that she would trust her own parents to live there, knowing they’d receive the same warm and exceptional care extended to all residents.  

Ann’s unwavering dedication to offering love and support will remain steadfast as she progresses in her role as a wellness assistant. Serving as the community’s heart and soul, Ann is committed to guiding residents in their pursuit of personal interests, transforming Crestavilla into a true home. To discover more about Ann and the outstanding team at Crestavilla, we invite you to schedule a tour and experience their exceptional care firsthand.