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Seize the day, and make it snow! Even though winter weather can be harsh, at Crestavilla we take a different perspective. Instead of hunkering down and dreading the cold temperatures and short days, we get excited for all the wonderment that comes along with a change in season. And what’s more wonderful than waking up to a scene straight out of a storybook? Especially when you don’t have to be cold outside to appreciate it!

On December 22nd, Crestavilla will be hosting their first annual Holiday Market from 4:30pm to 5:30pm for their residents. This will include European-styled markets for the residents to visit featuring different hors d’oeuvres, trinkets, or drinks. Santa will also make an appearance at this holiday celebration; however, the main event will be the snow.

There have been two times in history where it has snowed in Orange County, 2015 and 1949. Those who were lucky enough to witness this snow know how dangerous and beautiful it can be. Crestavilla wants to highlight those good memories by making it snow in their courtyard during this event. With heaters and a forecast of 63°, the bitter cold associated with snow will not be an issue.

These events are the norm at Crestavilla. An experience and amenity rich community, marketplaces, happy hours and hosted events are in abundance to insure everyone’s passions are included. Recently, Crestavilla held a holiday date night for couples, a performance from a local children’s choir and a tree lighting ceremony for residents.

Two Crestavilla residents enjoying an al fresco lunch on the patio.

The social aspect of Crestavilla is one of the resident’s favorite advantages of living at this community. Pat Wenger, a resident at Crestavilla, said “They have wonderful entertainment, great programming, and great activities. We have happy hour twice a week and the setting is beautiful. We’re on the roof, with a view of the mountains and of the town. It’s phenomenal.”

On top of the plentiful experiences offered at Crestavilla, we also offer a plethora of amenities that can be used by our residents. Crestavilla offers an open-air art studio with a pottery kiln, a pool, fitness center, rooftop garden, putting green and terrace.

“It’s amazing the number of various programs they have here. I can’t participate in all of them that I’d like to, but I do participate in the ones that I like the most.” said Frank Sato, another resident at Crestavilla. Sato also spends a lot of time in the gym, “I try to spend 45 minutes to an hour every day in the gym. And every evening, I go down to the gym and workout. And we have a wonderful gym here.”

Whether you are passionate about fitness, the arts or even snow, Crestavilla as something for everyone. To see all our upcoming events at Crestavilla please click here. Crestavilla is also open for tours and a lunch, to schedule your preferred time please call (949) 539-0297 or click here.